Digital visual documentation
specialist in construction
Digital visual documentation
specialist in construction

Malaysia's first & leading
construction time-lapse provider

1,000,000+ site photographs captured
over 35 projects nationwide

Our story

Advancing Construction Chronology

As Malaysia's first and leading provider of time-lapse construction image capture, TIME LAPSE remains at the industry forefront with over 1 million site progress photographs captured, covering more than 35 projects around the country.

CIDB- and BOSIET-certified, TIME LAPSE has a proven track record in delivering best-in-class service in various sectors including residential, commercial, infrastructure and oil & gas.

Utilising the latest photo- and video-capture technology as well as 24/7 cloud services, we enable clients and stakeholders to monitor and oversee the entire construction process from start to completion, in superior image quality and in real-time.

Our solutions


  • camera
    Capture & archive the entire construction process from start to finish, with over 46,000 photos captured over a 2-year project
  • linked_camera
    Monitor & review construction progress in real time from anywhere in the world, 24/7 (direct-to-power system)
  • phonelink
    Improve communication & eliminate confusion between stakeholders, project team and contractor
  • wallpaper
    Cross-check payment claims & resolve disputes through visual reporting
  • security
    Protect your investment & reduce risk with a comprehensive legal record of time-stamped and geo-specific photographic evidence
Our services

With construction efficiency increasing, so does works on site rapidly progress. Monitoring of the works is suddenly critical, which is why time-lapse photography has become an indispensable tool to projects worldwide. Capture progress on your site 24/7 and track all images online via a dedicated project website. At the end of each month, images will compiled as a high-quality site progress video report.

Our system includes:

  • 24MP photograps + 4K video output
  • Wireless 4G camera connectivity on site
  • Solar powered for sustainability
  • Dedicated online project website
  • Robust website with download/export capabilities
  • International editing standard (stringent filtering)
  • Full-system maintenance throughout construction cycle

With our team of videographer, photographer and drone pilot, TIMELAPSE captures the latest site progress & project milestones every month. We cover areas such as construction zones and built layouts, construction activities as well as aerial views of the site. All images and footage are professional compiled and edited to creates a 2-3 minute highlights that showcases the past month's progress.

  • Monthly site progress video report to stakeholders
  • CIDB-certified team with essential construction knowledge deployed to site
  • 4K ground + aerial footage

Recreate the life of a project through our broadcast-quality video documentary. From inception to completion, we capture and narrate the construction chronology, using extensive footage taken via time lapse and site progress videos on top of specific scripted and filmed scenes to enhance production value.

Through storyboards, scripts, voice-overs, interviews with key personnel plus other production tools, the project documentary becomes an essential medium that, more than just video, becomes a reliable and marketable asset for corporate use, branding, promotions, project referencing, training and more.

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We work with some of the most successful companies from Malaysia.

Malaysia's tallest building

The Exchange 106

492 metres high
106 levels & 6 basements
240,000 sqm nett lettable area

At the heart of the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) development is the centrepiece Exchange 106, a landmark that has already surpassed the Petronas Twin Towers as the tallest building in the country. At 106 storeys, the modern icon is nestled in a park setting and is designed for to sustainable specifications and standards, with certification under the Green Building Index (GBI) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

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